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Welcome to PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™, a Naturopathic Physician formulated nutraceutical line of scientifically researched products, which was initially exclusively for Licensed Naturopathic Physicians for their patients. In 2004, our Naturopathic Physician started the long journey of researching, designing, formulating and manufacturing. The goal was a hypoallergenic, potent, synergistic product line with multi-action, comprehensive, therapeutic supplements that patients could afford.

Our doctor searched for the best that the global nutraceutical industry had to offer, using clinically researched ingredients and doses.  We wanted the best for our patients so we chose pharmaceutical grade, superior, bioactive forms of ingredients for optimal absorption & bioavailability and standardized botanical extracts. Our focus on food allergies’ role in many health concerns prompted extreme diligence and endeavors to avoid any and all allergens in purchasing raw materials. We employed this hypoallergenic approach towards both the medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients, to ensure that even the most sensitive and allergic of patients could participate in the benefits that nature has to offer.

Our experiences with patient compliance and affordability issues challenged and inspired us. We set to work to formulating multi-action products, wherein many effects are accomplished with one full spectrum, synergistic formulation, minimizing redundancy.  During twenty (20) years of full-time clinical practice as a naturopathic physician, our doctor had experienced repeated frustration with the many companies selling products containing few ingredients of weak potency and with allergenic components. These inferior products necessitated taking many pills, and using many formulations to accomplish what one comprehensive and synergistic formulation could easily do.  Another frustration was having to work with countless condition-specific formulations.  These limited treatment options, expanded inventory and created more costly inventory requirements.  Condition-specific formulations defy the naturopathic principle of treating the cause of the symptoms.

We all realize that patient compliance and affordability is a weakness in the foundation of our contributions as doctors.  PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ has created all-encompassing formulations, that treat the causes of conditions.  This allows easy supplement protocols, and has escalated patient compliance through simplicity, minimalism and cost-effectiveness for both the patient and the doctor.  Improved patient compliance with the proven, all-inclusive therapeutics of PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ has facilitated much patient improvement, and many more patient referrals, building successful practices. 

As physicians, or healers, we are only as good as the tools we can provide to help fix our patients. Our doctor's clinical experience helped tailor formulations based on observations and discussions of efficacy and safety with tens of thousands of patients over these years.  We are confident you will achieve success using the tenets of naturopathic medicine, and we share PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ with you as we have our patients.

Please feel free to review our products and the extensive researched information on each ingredient.  PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ is confident that our products can facilitate more effective treatments for you to become as happy and as satisfied as our patients.

PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ formulations encompass the benefits of traditional use, evidence-based medicine and the art of practice.  I would be excited to receive feedback from you, my consumers, to collaborate on how PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ may grow and improve, as we are always striving for perfection.

Please email me if you require more information or have any questions or concerns about how to integrate our formulations into your healthy living.  

Our commitment at PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ is to share with you the best that the nutraceutical industry has to offer, at the most affordable cost, so that you, like our patients may benefit to the greatest extent.  As such, we mandate to keep our expenses to a minimum, with only necessary staff and overhead.  Each and every product in our product line is Health Canada approved and has active Natural Product Numbers (NPNs). 



Naturopathic Physician

Founder & President of PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™

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