• Clinically Proven Supplements Formulated by a Naturopathic Physician, Designed for Patients

  • Multi-Action Formulations Used for Optimal Benefit & Lowest Cost

  • All Products To Date with Health Canada Approvals & Natural Product Numbers (NPNs)

  • Quality Assurance Verified for Purity, Strength, Safety and Dissolubility by Independent, Third Party Laboratory Testing, Unlike Many Products that Rely Solely On In-House & Manufacturers' Testing

      About Us

      Welcome to PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™, a Naturopathic Physician formulated nutraceutical line of scientifically researched products, which was initially exclusively for Licensed Naturopathic Physicians for their patients. In 2004, our Naturopathic Physician started the long journey of researching, designing, formulating and manufacturing. The goal was a hypoallergenic, potent, synergistic product lin...

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      From the Blog

      Vegetarian Capsules

      October 02, 2014

      Our goal of providing you with optimal purity and bioavailability of nutrients necessitates the use of vegetarian capsules.  Tablets require...

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