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As Naturopathic Physicians, we are bombarded with information from supplement companies touting the value of their products.  Their claims impress until you inspect everything in minute detail, and then experience your first of many patients that "can't tolerate this product".  At PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™, we are responding to the clinical frustrations of practice with chemically sensitive, allergic and immune-compromised patients.  This clinical feedback informs the formulating and manufacturing of our products.  We use what we manufacture in clinical practice and experience great results. 

PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ believes that patients should receive products of the highest quality and effectiveness, reflecting our expertise as Naturopathic Physicians.  It is crucial that we feel completely confident in prescribing these products, as they are the tools to aid our patient's health resolutions.

PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ is committed to ensuring that we source pure, unadulterated ingredients with no fillers or allergenic carriers.  We understand that the raw material nutraceutical industry is a very complex one that requires expert pharmacognostic navigation, and extreme diligence to ensure that the most pure, potent and effective products are produced.

PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ considers it imperative to use plant-based, hypoallergenic flow agents instead of magnesium stearate, stearic acids,  lactose and dextrose.  Other companies employ these cheaper flow agents to ensure that the nutraceutical blend moves easily through their high volume machines.  Nutraceutical formulations tend to be difficult to handle due to varying densities, textures and moisture content.  However, the use of cheaper flow agents compromise the patients' benefit with reduced bioavailability and allergenic additives.

Since these issues are critical to our mandate, we at PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ choose not to take the cheap shortcuts, and so the science of manufacturing becomes an art. Rest assured that you have an ally in PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™, providing you with the most pure, potent high-quality, clinically proven products to use with even your most sensitive, allergic and weakened patients.


We use Vegetarian Capsules Only!

Our goal of providing you with optimal purity and bioavailability of nutrients necessitates the use of vegetarian capsules.  Tablets require allergenic and chemical ingredients to act as binders, lubricants, disintegrants and coatings.  These constituents compact the tablet contents, create a shiny coating with shellac or corn protein, and break the tablet down in the gut.

Pure, hypoallergenic encapsulation is another critical benefit that PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ provides to you and your patients.  An ideal formulation is only as good as its most efficient delivery.  We use third party independent laboratory testing to verify that our vegetarian capsules undergo rapid dissolution, allowing unimpeded absorption of beneficial nutrients.


Hypoallergenic Ingredients means No Additives, Diluents, Binders, Fillers or Flavors

Our patients have inspired us to take on the more daunting task of sourcing the purest raw materials, and to investigate hypoallergenic carriers if necessary.  We having been pushing the boundaries towards ultimate quality from day one, in an industry that commonly uses additives, coatings, and diluents for ease of manufacturing, even in the raw materials themselves, which escalates the allergenic potential. 

At PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ our insistence on creating hypoallergenic formulations means that we avoid all forms of allergens and undesirable chemical substances, from raw materials to the finished product. Clinical practice and tens of thousands of food allergy testing results have confirmed the necessity to exclude soy, dairy, egg, beef, gluten, wheat, corn, peanut, yeast, mushrooms, sugar, pineapple and papaya. 

Of course, lactose, cornstarch and all preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings are stringently avoided due to our focus on treating our allergenic, chemically sensitive and immune-compromised patients. PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that we are working hard for your best interests, from our proven clinical efficacy to our unsurpassed, hypoallergenic quality.


Third Party Independent, Pharmaceutical-Licensed Labs used for All Testing on Raw Materials & Finished Products



The most superior standard of quality is our primary concern at PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™.  It all starts with the nutraceutical ingredients that we derive from nature, as treatment tools to help our patients heal and repair.  We pick only the most exceptional and unsurpassed ingredients available when purchasing our raw materials. 

The medicinal ingredients in PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ products are carefully selected for their optimal purity & bioavailability, researched evidence and excellent safety profile.  USP standards are given priority for applicable nutrients.  Raw materials are sought exclusively from reputable vendors, who are required to submit an exhaustive Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch of the specific ingredient being purchased.

Each COA is required to qualitatively and quantitatively certify that the specific batch of the ingredient has been tested for its identity and active component, and that levels of microbials and toxic elements are within acceptable specifications, per the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) of Health Canada. 

Upon receipt, all raw materials are quarantined, inspected and shipped to a third party independent laboratory, licensed by Health Canada's NHPD.  At that lab, additional purity and potency testing as per NHPD specifications, is performed for secondary verification. 

Finished product testing is also performed by a third party independent laboratory to avoid conflict of interest and for stringent quality control. The testing laboratories used for independent verification are Health Canada GMP-Licensed for Pharmaceutical testing, employ state-of-the-art equipment and the most up-to-date testing methodologies in accordance with Health Canada and USFDA regulations.


Pharmaceutical Standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ uses one of the leading contract manufacturers in the Canadian drug manufacturing landscape.  We are able to capitalize on their vast experience and consummate knowledge of drug & nutraceutical manufacturing to develop our pure, potent, hypoallergenic products. 

Pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceuticals are a highly regulated industry in Canada, and the manufacturing of these products demand stringent adherence to global as well as federal regulations. Every step in the manufacturing process adheres to the cGMP guidelines, and our contract manufacturing facility is licensed by Health Canada's NHPD, ensuring that PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ products undergo strict quality control inspections. 

Partnering with the right contract manufacturer allows PHYSICIANS RESEARCH™ to combine pioneering research, sophisticated technology and our exceptional ingredients to bring to you a nutraceutical line of premier products you can feel confident in.

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